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Not Like That [Feb. 27th, 2005|09:37 am]


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Title: Not Like That
Author: tigg71
Rating: N17
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Warning: This contains non-consensual sex. Be warned. Do not read it if it's going to upset you.
Disclaimer: I mean absolutely no harm by this fic and it is entirely untrue.
A/N: I'm a bloody hypocrite. I hate non-con. But this has been rattling 'round in my head for ages and I just had to get it out.
Feedback: is aways appreciated. Feel free if you want to comment on the content.

Thank you, to the ever patient flickerswitch
for all your beta-ing, comments and keeping me inspired with your own fic.

They’d begun kissing in the club, tongues sliding over each other, urgent and hot like the darkness surrounding them on the dance floor. With their attraction realised, their want solidified and hardened as they moved together.

For Dom the boundary between the music and his reactions blurred; his pulse thundering in his ears as the music and Billy’s touches reverberated through him. He was afire with every brush of their denim-clad thighs and Billy’s fingers, surprisingly cool, ghosting across his abdomen. He gave himself up to the sheer pleasure of it; the beat filling his head, sensation washing across every nerve fibre, sweat running in beads down his neck to be caught by Billy’s eager tongue.

Billy couldn’t get enough of Dom, once the kissing had started. So beautiful and lithe as he gyrated with the music, caught within the circle of Billy’s arms, and kissed and kissed and kissed. All searching tongue and sharp teeth, taking Billy’s breath away as he explored his mouth and every nuance of desire was spelled out with his skilful tongue and lips. Billy couldn’t get enough.

Even above the noise, Dom’s gasp was audible as Billy’s tongue snaked down his chest, following slick sweat down the curve of his pectoral. Meeting Dom’s eyes, Bill saw the want there in the dilated pupils and shallow breathing. He broke contact and grabbed him by the hand. “Too hot Dommie, you’re too hot.”

Billy was pulling him towards the door and out of the club. The cool air hit him, sending shivers rippling across his skin and he reeled Billy in by their joined hands. Wrapping himself around Billy he sought the heat of his mouth once more against his.

“God Bills.”

Dom was virtually moaning into his mouth, hands tangled in his hair, and all thought of finding a taxi scattered. Billy snaked his hands down Dom’s body, revelling in the firm play of muscle as Dom writhed in his embrace.

The firm pressure of Billy’s palm against his fly was heaven and Dom instinctively moved into it even as he wrenched his mouth free. “We should slow down. This isn’t the place Bills, yeah?”

Dom was right, of course. Not always safe for two lads out in the open like this. Billy smiled to himself at the irony of that thought; there would never be an ‘out in the open’ for either of them. Taking Dom’s mouth in an urgent kiss Billy slid his hands into the back pockets of his jeans and walked him the few steps around the corner of the building and into the shadows.

Billy had him backed up against the wall, out of sight, and Dom could see the lamplight spilling around the corner of the building but failing to reach them. Billy’s hands were all over him, their press hot against his skin and the alcoholic waft of Billy’s breath was against his cheek. Dom rolled his eyes at Bill’s eagerness and pushed his hands gently away.

“No, Billy, not here.”

Billy spun him quickly, pushing him face-first against the wall, “A little excitement’s good for the blood.”

Bill’s fingers were interlaced with his, pressed up against the brickwork, and his tongue ran down the shell of his ear. A chill raced through Dom and he gasped.

“I’m going to have you, my Dommie.”

Bill heard Dom’s sharp intake of breath as he ground against him. Running his hands along his outstretched arms and down his body, he unzipped Dom’s fly and edged his jeans down.

The wall dug harshly into Dom’s face, he could feel the prickly grit scuffing his cheek as Billy held him against the wall, body pressed full up against him and hands delving into his jeans.

“Bill. No," Dom snapped, "I’m not ready.”

Dom was panting shallow breaths now as Billy’s hands pushed his pants further down and dipped between his arse cheeks.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make you ready, lad” Bill whispered, teeth tugging against Dom’s ear as he pressed his thumb into Dom, opening him up.

“Billy, enough!” Dom cried out harshly at the unwelcome intrusion as Billy fingered him wider. He pushed back violently against him in an attempt to push him off and succeeded in dislodging Billy’s hand. He was slammed back into the wall with greater force, Billy’s forearm across his shoulders.

“Patience boy, I’m going to have you anyway.”

Stunned, fear pricked at Dom’s consciousness as his mind caught on Billy’s words ‘I’m going to have you anyway.’ His cheek throbbed against the wall, his blood pulsing close to the surface.

Billy held Dom steady as he grappled his own jeans open and wrapped his hand around his cock. A sweep or two, spreading pre-come across the head and he was nudging against Dom’s entrance, Dom’s ragged breathing loud in the night air.

So quick, it was all so quick. Thoughts tumbled over and over in Dom’s head, breath stuttering and heart racing, ‘I can fight or I can take it’. His cheek throbbed insistently as Billy pressed him harder into the wall and his stomach clenched as it occurred to him ‘what will he do to me if I fight?’ Feeling helpless in Billy’s fierce grasp Dom breathed deeply and forced his body to relax.

Billy felt Dom sigh and relax as he eased into his body. So bloody beautiful. He set a hard pace, his thrusts eager and sharp.

The burning sting of Billy’s thrusts forced tiny mewls of pain from Dom’s lips, he couldn’t stop them. Even as they escaped his lips, Dom thought disjointedly, ‘this isn’t happening’.

Eyes open, his gaze fell on his hand against the rough mortar of the wall, grey in the half-light of the shadow. He was surprised to realise the tremors passing through it were from the surge of Billy’s hips. He wanted to shut it out, but the image stayed with him, his mind circling through different shades of black, grey and white. He closed his eyes in a vain attempt to block out the image.

Billy felt his orgasm nearing, harsh grunts reaching a crescendo as his balls tightened and he spilled himself into Dom’s body. Billy nuzzled his neck and kissed his shoulder tenderly as he withdrew.

Billy’s loud sounds of release bought Dom back into focus. His eyes popped open in confusion at the feeling of Billy caressing his neck and whispering endearments and encouragement in his ear.

Billy couldn’t help it, his tongue loosened in languid pleasure, he stroked Dom’s hair and told him how beautiful he was, how much his body had pleased him. Then he was stepping back, zipping up his jeans and prying Dom away from the wall. He drew Dom’s jeans up, pausing to give him a quick pat on the arse.

Dom’s hands flew to frantically do up his jeans. ‘Too late’ he thought disjointedly, ‘It’s too late.’ He stared, body stiff and sore, as Billy turned him around.

“Shall we go?”

“Bills,” Dom stuttered, looked at the ground, “Bill, I said ‘No',”

Confusion flickered briefly across Billy’s face and he ruffled Dom’s hair, “It wasn’t like that, y’ numptie. Was just a wee bit fast, is all.”

Billy swung an arm around Dom’s neck and steered him, stumbling and confused, back towards the street.