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Completion in 3 - Monaboyd [Jul. 4th, 2004|09:43 am]


[Tags|, ]

Title: Completion in 3
Author: tigg71
Rating: PG ? The one that comes before NC17
Disclaimer: This is completely made up and entirely to blame on the bunnies who grabbed me and made me write it. No harm or profit intended.

Summary: I am a total hypocrite. I hate poem-fic and thus present a poem. On the bright side, there is sex!

My lovely beta, Flickerswitch, is on holiday - so all mistakes are entirely my own.
BTW - if this is complete shite, please someone tell me and I will remove said offending fic from the community.


Across crowded room
Curled tongue entices
Arched eyebrow questioning
Response is impatient. Now.

Green eyes wide
Scottish wail drifts heavanward
Curl tickled nose smells musky release
Fingers embedded

Elbows and knees grounded
Positive into negative moves fluidly
Dom earths himself deeply
Shudders and is home.